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the property investment formula


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investment goals

Determine your very own financial freedom goal using our unique Property Max ™ investment calculator. 

search and gather

Search and gather data on different properties the market offers. 

select and implement

Selecting the option offering the highest yield is made easy with the Property Max ™ investment calculator. 

measure and maximise

Keep your eye on the goal. Measure your returns and correct where required. All done through the Property Max ™ investment calculator. 

who needs a property Loan if you can buy cash?

Build rapid wealth with our unique scientific formula and buy your property cash. Who needs a loan and be a slave of the banks if you can buy the property cash? Let us show you exactly how to buy property without being enslaved by a mortgage or any type of debt. 

property investment books and courses

Do you want to start investing in property but don’t know where and how to start? Through Peter's book "The Formula For Profitable Property Investments", and his online courses, you will learn all you need to know to become a Master Property Investor. He covers the best strategies, the safest systems, and what it takes to succeed to become a Master Property Investor. All aspects the investor needs to know to make skillful informed, unemotional investment decisions to maximize profits from day one. 

freedom defined through investing in PROPERTY

Learn everything you need to know about investing in property. From beginners wanting to enter the arena of property investments to the more advanced and seasoned professional, Peter Jansen van Rensburg covers it all. Discover the secret mathematical formula developed by Peter, and other investment strategies on how to buy a property without taking out a bond.  Start creating, preserving, and enjoying wealth through investing in property. Freedom is available to all.

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Start creating infinite wealth!

Unsure how and where to start with property investment or how to maximize your investment strategies? Let us guide you with our unique strategies so that you can create, preserve and enjoy unlimited wealth.

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