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Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up - gal 6:9 [the bible]

peter's quest to save lives

"Anyone watching the news would agree that the world is deteriorating at such an alarming pace that it is mind-boggling. The majority of the world is currently in a state of utter hopelessness, addiction, human trafficking and sex slavery, starvation and sickness. If we do not actively get involved in caring for our fellow man and fighting these atrocities, the world as we know it will very soon seize to exist. Peter Jansen van Rensburg has seen this need in his very own community and has, together with the help of a group of volunteers, from as early as 2007 set out to start making a difference in the lives of the oppressed. 

Through the years this need has increased towards a state where people are daily rescued from the streets, drug addicts are put into care centres and human trafficking victims rescued out of the claws of darkness. Once safe and in a stable environment, these victims are then ministered to with the Word of God and led to a life committed to Jesus Christ. Then they are counselled and assisted on their road to recovery so that they also may have hope for a better future and once again be in a position to contribute to their communities.  

Peter together with volunteers across the globe has partnered with two Non-profit organisations in Pretoria called Brave to Love and Distshego House of Laughter. The need, however, is so big that the work involved in providing help has now expanded towards other countries across the globe. To harbour the rescued and oppressed men, women and children, safe houses have been procured and established to help these fellow men and women on their road to recovery. 

This expansion project in itself is an unimaginable mountainous task especially when it comes to providing resources like manpower and capital to fund these projects. This is where Peter requests your help. Funding is required to expand these projects around the globe and for that purpose partners are requested to donate to the causes below. Partners are required to help with funding especial to overcome and therefore challenge others to also become part of this movement to help save lives."

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brave to love

Brave to Love is a Non-Profit Organisation registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (930065398). Their vision is Healing Lives, Impacting Cities, and Transforming Nations. We believe that transformation can happen through charitable and welfare programs, outreach, restoration programs, training, and social development to uplift communities.

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Ditshego House of Laughter is a Non-Profit Organisation. It aims to provide a Pre-School to vulnerable children from the surrounding Mooiplaas informal settlement. One hundred and forty children attend the pre-school which provides them with an environment of love, security, education, stability, and balanced meals.

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Unsure how and where to contribute to save lives? Simply help Peter and his team by donating to one of the causes above. Your contribution is an investment and part of a restoration move the world has not yet seen.