Peter Jansen Van Rensburg

company culture

From practicing a healthy work-life balance to great perks and benefits, PJVR is all about supporting their employees' goals and diverse lifestyles.

work together to change lives

At Peter Jansen Van Rensburg (Pty) Ltd we are like a family sharing in one company culture. Our mission is to establish a culture where lives are changed through being an example through the way we live. We help our fellow man to create breakthroughs through teaching the principles of abundant life as stipulated by the Word of God. We live by these principles and have outrageous fun while transforming the quality of people's lives all around the world.

With God anything is possible. You simply have to believe in His promises, believe in yourself and step out and create the dreams God has put in your heart. The extraordinary life while impacting the lives of others!

Peter Jansen van Rensburg

benefits of being a part of the company

At PJVR we acknowledge that our employees are people and our biggest asset to constructively contribute towards the broken world around us. We are a highly driven, enthusiastic group of individuals who believe in the message of Peter Jansen van Rensburg being co-owners in teaching wealth creation principles with the Word of God as the foundation.  The genuine warmth and friendliness of the employees is evident throughout our organization and the living water to impact the community around them.


We are a 100% employee-owned company as we believe that employees should take responsibility for what we do. Through our Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) employees become co-owners of the company at no cost.


Employees are encouraged and welcome to attend events and courses offered by PJVR. It is an essential part of empowering our employees so to ensure they impact the world around them in a meaningful way.


We believe that our employees should adopt a culture of living a healthy lifestyle comprising of eating healthy, exercising, and resting. As part of our culture, we offer our employees medical insurance and a free week holiday.


At PJVR we believe in a culture of early retirement achieved by adopting the principles of wealth creation and then teaching others by way of being a living example. Being a part of PJVR is living a life of wealth and enjoying it at an early stage.


Interested in joining the PJVR family and be a part of the solution to a broken world? We're are always looking for exceptional candidates to help us change lives by becoming part of our company culture!

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